Molybdenum Tungsten Alloy

Molybdenum tungsten alloy has better corrosion resistance, making it better able to resist molten zinc. Molybdenum has a high melting point and high density, so tungsten molybdenum alloy also has these characteristics. Molybdenum and tungsten alloy can have a different proportion of tungsten, such as 30% tungsten or 50% of tungsten.

Moly tungsten alloys and pure molybdenum has the following advantages:

Higher crystallization temperature (about 100 "C)

Better corrosion resistance

Higher strength

molybdenum alloy

Tungsten molybdenum alloys and pure tungsten has the following advantages:

Better formability

Low density

molybdenum alloy

Tungsten molybdenum alloy zinc processing, is widely used in pump parts, nozzles, thermocouple sheaths, glass industry agitator components.

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