Moly Tungsten Alloy Sintered Products

Molybdenum Tungsten Alloy Sintered Products As Follows:

Molybdenum tungsten alloy sintered products are pipe and fittings, and accessories moly tungsten alloy crucible and tungsten, molybdenum sleeves.

Tungsten molybdenum alloy casing

Features: moly tungsten alloy with good corrosion resistance to molten metal is widely used in the heating tube and thermometer casing.

moly tungsten alloy productsmolybdenum tungsten alloy

Tungsten molybdenum alloy pipe and fittings

Features: high melting point and low vapor pressure, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, is mainly used for structural parts of quartz industry, high-temperature furnace heating element, and so the cathode electrolysis.

molybdenum tungsten alloy productsmolybdenum tungsten alloy

Tungsten molybdenum alloy crucible and accessories

Features: Molyb tungsten alloy, high temperature, low pollution characteristics, it is widely used in crystal growth and rare earth smelting crucible and accessories.

molybdenum tungsten alloy cruciblemolybdenum tungsten alloy

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