Moly Tungsten Alloy Physical Properties

Molybdenum tungsten alloy Physical Properties(composition) As Follows:

Tungsten Project Molybdenum
74 Atomic 42
183.85 Atomic weight 95.95
BCC Crystal structure Body-centered cubic
3410°C Mp 2622°C
5660°C Boiling Point 4804°C
19.3 g/cm3 Density 10.22g/cm3
190.3 kJ/kg Heat of fusion 289.7 kJ/kg
0.14kJ/(kg·K) Specific heat (20-100°C) 0.26kJ/(kg·K)
20°C 5.4×10-6Ω·cm
500°C 1.8×10-5Ω·cm
1000°C 5.1×10-5Ω·cm
2000°C 8.3×10-5Ω·cm
3000°C 1.1×104Ω·cm
20°C 5.6×10-6Ω·cm
500°C 2.4×10-5Ω·cm
1000°C 3.6×10-5Ω·cm
1500°C 5.3×10-5Ω·cm
2500°C 7.8×10-5Ω·cm
4.6×10-3 /K Temperature Coefficient of Resistance 4.7×10-3 /K
20°C 167.5 W(m·K)
100°C 159.2 W(m·K)
500°C 121.5 W(m·K)
1000°C 111.0 W(m·K)
2000°C 93.0 W(m·K)
Thermal Conductivity
20°C 146.5 W(m·K)
100°C 138.2 W(m·K)
500°C 121.5 W(m·K)
1000°C 98.8 W(m·K)
1500°C 83.8 W(m·K)
100°C 4.5×10-6 /K
1000°C 4.6×10-6 /K
2000°C 5.4×10-6 /K
3000°C 6.6×10-6 /K
Coefficient of linear expansion
100°C 5.2×10-6 /K
500°C 5.7×10-6 /K
1000°C 5.8×10-6 /K
1500°C 6.5×10-6 /K
2000°C 3.89×10-9 Pa
2500°C 2.68×10-5 Pa
3000°C 1.24×10-2 Pa
Vapor pressure
1600°C 7.09×10-8 Pa
2000°C 5.58×10-4 Pa
2500°C 1.33 Pa
4.5 eV Electronic work function 4.4 eV

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