Molybdenum Copper Alloy

What Is Molybdenum Copper Alloy?

Copper molybdenum alloy is molybdenum alloy products. This is a great copper-tungsten weight sensitive applications instead. The use of high purity raw materials and any additives sintering temperature with hydrogen to produce the composite material, the system provides the highest thermal conductivity.

Can produce different proportions of copper molybdenum alloy, such as 85% of molybdenum, 80% Mo, 70% of molybdenum, 60% of molybdenum, 50% of molybdenum. In most cases, our production according to the customer's needs.

molybdenum copper alloy
molybdenum copper alloy Molybdenum can be made of copper alloy radiator. It has also been widely used in aerospace, rockets, glasses, microelectronics industry

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