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Ferro Molybdenum Alloy

What is ferro molybdenum alloy ?

Ferro molybdenum alloy is made from molybdenite concentrate production, especially from copper molybdenum. Today, there are an invention can reduce pollution.

Molybdenum is molybdenite ore and copper and molybdenum minerals from completely isolated, they are not always be produced. Under the current process produced molybdenum is molybdenite Jing calcined with air or oxygen, for the direct production of steel or metal heating treatment to obtain commercial molybdenum. In both cases, the content of copper in concentrate affected, i.e. copper with a molybdenum oxide, iron. In the steel used in the manufacture has the disadvantage that it requires molybdenum typically contains a maximum copper content is usually 0.5% copper.

Molybdenite concentrate roasting process produces sulfur dioxide, resulting in difficult environmental problems.

The present invention aims to eliminate or reduce these problems, providing a completely or partially eliminate pollution, sulfur and copper which is currently the most likely to be transferred sulfide slag.

ferro molybdenum alloy

According to invention, molybdenite concentrate molybdenum disulfide can be reduced ferromanganese melt or mixture of iron, the main part of the formation of the metal phase to help reduce the purification of copper and molybdenum sulfide, the main part of the slag phase consisting of manganese sulfide, which contains Most of copper. Manganese sulfide obtained as an additive in certain types of steel and ferro-molybdenum manufacturers commercial use.

The main raw material for smelting iron molybdenum is molybdenite (MoS2). Usually used before smelting molybdenum roasting multiple hearth furnace, get less than 0.07% sulfur roasting molybdenite. Molybdenum iron smelting furnace commonly used method. The stove is placed on a sand base on the cylinder, the inner lining of clay brick masonry, ferrosilicon with 75% silicon and a small amount of aluminum particles as the reducing agent. Charge was added after the furnace tube, with the upper part of the ignition smelting. In the material surface with initiator (saltpeter, aluminum powder or magnesium shavings), the ignition after a violent reaction, then calm, put slag removal furnace tube. Molybdenum iron ingot is cooled first in the sand pit, sending a flush cooling cooling, and finally broken, finishing. Metal recoveries were 92 to 99%.

Depending on the selection of raw materials, iron, manganese, molybdenum containing a certain amount of carbon, in particular manganese. Oxidants can simultaneously or after adding molybdenite concentrate to reduce the carbon content in the bath. Oxidants by molybdenum (roasted molybdenite concentrate) or iron concentrates obtained. In addition, use of air or oxygen decarburization.

Ferroalloys (English Ferroalloys), iron and one or several elements of the alloy, mainly used in steel smelting. In the steel industry generally also in the middle of all steelmaking alloy, iron, whether or not (such as calcium alloy), are called "iron alloy." Customary additives and also some of the pure metal oxide additive is included.

Redox processes can be completed, Mo is a very important element, which is a great and beneficial effect of the metal, which can be used in various steelmaking operations and other industrial applications. Steel containing alloy can withstand wear, thereby ensuring its durability.

Mo redox process is very high temperatures, Mo is a hard and high melting point elements. Molybdenite, molybdenum compounds, baked at a high temperature in order to extract all the oxygen present. This process usually requires the use of steps depending on the element, which is given to environmental issues metro molybdenum alloy process.

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