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Molybdenum Chromium Alloy

What is molybdenum chromium alloy?

Molybdenum chrome alloy welding, selecting the optimal weld wire is the key to long-term durability. Fortunately, the matching filler metal alloy, it is more difficult to match no more than any other element of the filler metal alloy. To understand the chemical and mechanical properties, can be strength, corrosion resistance and creep resistance better. That molybdenum-chromium alloy with more easily than other alloys welding advantages.

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Chrome molybdenum alloy pipe has become a standard in the industry, such as electricity, chemicals, petroleum refining, not only because of its corrosion resistance and high temperature strength, but also because of its effectiveness. In many applications, it can replace the expensive stainless steel tube with.
钼铬合金  中钨在线

Select chrome molybdenum alloy welding filler metal pipe of any material requires the same major considerations: Matching the way the safest and most efficient production, the longest chemical and mechanical properties of the weld. Specific low-alloy shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) welding and flux cored arc welding (FCAW) wire to provide low-carbon, low hydrogen, to prevent corrosion or cracking weldability and can withstand high-intensity pressure and temperature.

When the welding chrome molybdenum alloy pipe, whether it is being used material or filler metal, you have to maintain a specific preheat and interpass temperatures. Consistent temperature helps keep under extreme service conditions of the strength and crack resistance. Depending on the thickness, it is recommended preheating temperature is from 250 to 400F (121 to 204). Chrome molybdenum alloy welding test material.

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