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Molybdenum Vanadium Alloy

What Is Molybdenum Vanadium Alloy?

Molybdenum vanadium alloy is a kind of alloy that adding matrix elements into metallic element vanadium alloys.

Molybdenum vanadium alloy characteristics are as follows:

Molybdenum vanadium alloy - corrosion resistance
In addition carbon He-B (the hydrogen pressure of 200μ, - carbon monoxide to 100μ, methane 5μ, helium of 1 atm) to a heat treatment, the elongation of the alloy is hardly decreased. In contrast, the oxidation of the He-O (oxygen pressure of 7μ, helium of 1 atm) to a heat treatment, elongation of the alloy decreases. But the degree of embrittlement and smaller than TZM alloy. This is because in an oxidizing atmosphere, As titanium alloy TZM, wrong preferential oxidation and brittle, and the vanadium oxide has almost no merit.

Molybdenum vanadium alloy - recrystallization characteristics and strength
Although vanadium recrystallization temperature of the material changes little effect, however, show the toughness of the heat treatment temperature was moved to a high temperature side. Vanadium, high strain rate of the material to improve the toughness. Adding a trace amount of vanadium, can significantly improve the toughness of the material cast and recrystallization toughness, while allowing a slight increase in intensity. Adding 1% vanadium molybdenum alloy strength than pure molybdenum although a significant increase in strength, but the cast shape
Machining deteriorated state.

Molybdenum vanadium alloy - Weldability
Molybdenum alloy welding materials bend transition temperature as follows:

Molybdenum Alloy
Ductile - brittle transition temperature(℃)

Expressed on a 1mm thick sheet according to the welded portion of the extension of the bending test measured - brittle transition temperature. Shown in the table of molybdenum vanadium alloy alloy transition temperature of room temperature. Shown in the table in the alloy system, the molybdenum-based alloy vanadium alloy is the lowest degree of conversion back.

Molybdenum vanadium alloy - metal structure
Vanadium molybdenum alloy and is usually nothing special compared. Can be seen in the grain boundary precipitation of carbides. Electron diffraction analysis: precipitation phase is Mo: C type carbides, it does not occur due to the addition of vanadium and how changes.

Molybdenum vanadium alloy - Radiation characteristics
Explore tests showed that with pure molybdenum, TZM alloy compared to vanadium molybdenum alloys are excellent.

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