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Molybdenum Yttrium Alloy

What Is Molybdenum Yttrium Alloy?

yttrium molybdenum alloyMolybdenum yttrium alloy matrix metal is molybdenum and dispersed in the matrix particles in the presence of yttria alloys. Yttrium alloy molybdenum alloy yttria content is generally 0.2% to 1.0% (mass fraction).

Yttria (Y2O3) as a white yellowish powder. Melting point: 2415 ℃; Relative density: 5.01; Solubility: insoluble in water and alkali, soluble in mineral acids.

French company developed into a new yttrium alloy molybdenum alloys. In addition to containing some of the alloy oxide Yi, also joined the small amount of potassium. Compared with pure molybdenum, yttrium molybdenum alloy such recrystallization temperature, and after recrystallization structure is good.

Tests showed that pure molybdenum heating above 1100 ℃, the formation of equiaxed recrystallized structure, and yttrium molybdenum alloy was heated at 1750 ℃ ​​after half an hour to form a long and large recrystallization; pure molybdenum heated again at 1100 ℃ after crystallization, the jaws can not withstand 90 ° bend is good.

New molybdenum yttrium alloy extension is good, easy molding, high temperature deformation resistance, dimensional stability, long life, is an ideal high-temperature structural materials.

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