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Molybdenum Yttrium Alloy Wire Processes

Molybdenum Yttrium Alloy Wire Processes As Follows:

Molybdenum dioxide powder is immersed in the yttrium nitrate solution, soaking, drying, were mixed after the temperature of 800 ~ 1000 ℃ for hydrogen reduction to obtain a rare earth doped yttrium oxide of molybdenum oxide powder;

The molybdenum powder doped well under pressure in 160 ~ 200MPa isostatic pressed into bars, and then sintered at high temperature, and finally through the swaging and drawing, made ​​of molybdenum wire.

molybdenum yttria alloy

Preparation of molybdenum yttrium alloy wire

Molybdenum is added in the rare earth oxide yttria, billets made ​​by powder metallurgy method, after the swaging and stretching processing, yttrium alloy wire made ​​of molybdenum.
The results showed that: wire annealed at 1750 ℃ ​​for 30 minutes to form a long and large recrystallization, its tensile strength and bending performance is much better than the pure molybdenum, good room-temperature toughness.

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