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Moly Vanadium Alloy Toughness Improvement

molybdenum vanadium alloyMolybdenum vanadium alloy prepared first consideration is the material's toughness and processability, the workability of the spindle, the thermal processing of materials, cold resistance, high toughness, irradiation toughness and weld toughness. Because of these characteristics may not be from the same mechanism, so the use of a method not all of excellent characteristics can be obtained.

Improve the toughness of molybdenum vanadium alloy is as follows:

One is with carbon to remove the resulting deterioration of the oxygen-cast toughness. Arc melting molybdenum alloy, carbon content is usually so ~ 100ppm or more, while the amount of oxygen station workers below 10ppm. Boron and carbon also have - the same effect. Then add molybdenum grade rare earth metals, and 'aluminum is also effective, but these elements and a large difference in melting point of molybdenum, the vapor pressure difference is large, the melting difficult. Pat is now known to add Chin, wrong is also effective. By adding these elements are made ​​of alloy TZM alloy.

TZM alloy exhibits an extremely excellent high temperature strength, but may not be very good toughness, processing is difficult. The toughness of the material, the role of the various elements. The results showed that: adding trace elements vanadium, can significantly improve the toughness of the material. 0.025 to 0.1% vanadium cast molybdenum significantly improved toughness.

Also the vanadium and carbon optimal dosage tested. Test results showed that: the allowable carbon content of molybdenum a wide range, but from the performance, manufacturability requirements to consider, the carbon content range can be set to ~ 500ppm. To produce a homogeneous alloy ingots, great care must be ingredients and particle size control, electrode sintering and smelting. This alloy ingot toughness, without special processing by extrusion, etc., can be directly carried out the usual hot forging.

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