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Molybdenum Alloy

What is a molybdenum alloy?

Molybdenum alloy, the English name is molybdenum alloy. Molybdenum alloy is matrix by adding other elements consisting of non-ferrous alloys, main alloying elements titanium, zirconium, hafnium, tungsten, and rare earth elements.

Titanium, zirconium, hafnium, molybdenum alloy element not only from solid solution strengthening effect, maintaining low alloy ductility, but also form a stable carbide dispersed phase, increase the tensile strength and the recrystallization temperature.

molybdenum alloymolybdenum alloymolybdenum alloy

Molybdenum alloy is the main way to strengthen the solid solution strengthening, precipitation strengthening and work hardening. Can be obtained through the plastic processing molybdenum alloy sheet, strip, foil, tubes, rods, wire and profiles, but also improve its strength and improve the low temperature ductility.

What are the characteristics of molybdenum alloys?

High-density, high melting point, low vapor pressure, low thermal expansion, enhanced thermal strength, toughness and corrosion resistance.

Molybdenum alloy, which has several do?

molybdenum alloyBy alloying metals molybdenum alloys can be divided into the following categories:

1 binary molybdenum alloys

Binary molybdenum alloy is added in a single molybdenum alloying elements molybdenum alloy. These alloys can be divided into two categories: one is based on tungsten, rhenium molybdenum alloy as alloying elements. Such large amount of alloy elements alloys, alloys mainly for the hardness and heat resistance strength is good; other is titanium, zirconium, hafnium, molybdenum alloy of the alloy elements, which is characterized by adding a small amount of molybdenum alloys and pure compared to a slight increase, mainly Mo-0.5Ti, Z-6, MHC types.

2 multicomponent molybdenum alloy

Multicomponent molybdenum alloy molybdenum alloy is based on the binary system. To further improve the performance of adding a second alloy or more alloy components formed alloy having a superior performance. There are the following series:

a. Mo-Ti-Zr-C Series

This class is in the Mo-0.5Ti alloys on the basis of a certain amount of zirconium and carbon to form, is the most mature and abroad use the largest class of outstanding molybdenum alloy, more common in sheet, strip, foil less in wire rods. Major brands are TZC and TZM two kinds.

b. Mo-Hf-Zr-O Series

Such alloys are the Mo-Ti-Zr-C series alloy to further improve on the basis of alloys, titanium and hafnium is formed on behalf of the research on the ratio in the amount of hafnium and the formation of different ZHM, ZHM4, ZHM6, ZHM7 , ZHM8 various grades of these alloys is relatively good but there was no large-scale use at home and abroad and reported.

c. Mo-W-Hf-C series and Mo-W-Hf-Zr-C Series

The purpose of these alloys is to produce the substrate of the solid solution strengthening effect large number of alloy carbide dispersion strengthening and trace elements combine to produce an alloy with good overall properties (strength, high hardness, high temperature performance and overcome after use room temperature brittleness) According to reports there are currently M25WH1, M25WH2, HWM25, M25WZH1 several brands but not mature.

molybdenum alloy3 Doped molybdenum alloy

Doped molybdenum alloys are used wet or dry doping. In pure molybdenum certain amount of potassium, silicon, aluminum elements that can make the recrystallization temperature of molybdenum has been greatly improved, even after recrystallization has good ductility. The molybdenum alloy recrystallization temperature data at home and abroad reported the highest kind, it is not only used up to 1800 wire rod, but also in sheet, strip, foil, also has a broad application prospects.

In certain military applications of potassium, silicon, aluminum, rhenium doping effect of solid solution strengthening effect and integration can be obtained to meet specific performance requirements of the product

4 Rare Earth molybdenum alloy

In the development process of molybdenum alloys, rare earth oxides because of its stable chemical structure and good strengthening effect and appears unusually active rare earth oxides can be significantly improved by adding molybdenum recrystallization temperature and anti-sag performance and its unit-based alloys and multicomponent alloys are also done a lot of tests. Currently mature are the following:

a. MLa and MY molybdenum alloy
In pure molybdenum adding 1% to 2% of La2O3 or Y2O3. The alloy high temperature performance, application prospect

b. Mo-0.5Ti + Y molybdenum alloy
In the single-element alloys based on adding Y2O3 do dispersion alloys. Expected in sheet, strip, foil, gaining a position within the field of

molybdenum alloyc. TZM, TZC, ZHM molybdenum alloy
In TZM, TZC, ZHM molybdenum alloy by adding rare earth oxides work, is currently in research and development phase.

Type can be enhanced by molybdenum alloys are divided into the following categories: solid solution strengthening type alloy alloying elements, dispersion strengthened alloys doped hardening type alloy and integrated reinforced alloys.

What purpose does molybdenum alloy?

Molds for thermal processing

Aviation, aerospace department is mainly molybdenum alloy forging dies and engine components for high temperature. Their application materials are mainly active metal carbide reinforced molybdenum, molybdenum and optional elements to strengthen the mechanical dispersion strengthened molybdenum three kinds of two-phase alloys. Active metal carbides strengthened molybdenum alloy has good high temperature strength and high thermal conductivity, which is mainly used for thermal processing mold industry. Because of the high molybdenum and low thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance as the preferred material.

For molten metal processing

Cast aluminum plant with its processing of molybdenum restrained thermal cracking problem, which is usually in the processing of materials prone to thermal cracking site using TZM alloy (Ti - Zr - Mo) core and the mandrel (rod), but also to avoid the material to thermal cracking phenomenon. And M HC using TZM alloy processing equipment will also enhance the ability of rapid solidification. Tungsten - molybdenum alloy has the same corrosion resistance, can significantly reduce production costs. So now should be developed in the impeller, pump and pipe system to promote the application of molten zinc of Mo-25% W and Mo -30% W alloy materials.

For thermal spraying

molybdenum alloyAvailability of molybdenum on the piston ring for thermal spraying. The method is to use molybdenum powder and nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr) is mixed with a binder, and then the mixture means a plasma sprayed onto the piston.

The coating may be a mixture of pure molybdenum or molybdenum alloy powder, both wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and thus suitable for paper applications. Moreover, molybdenum powder can be used with different amounts of nickel, chromium, boron, and silicon powder mixture into a powder mixture of different, but the spray powder requires its good fluidity, thermal spraying the spray dried powder is generally to be spherical or near spherical shape.

In addition, the mixed powder of molybdenum and molybdenum alloys can be used for the plasma torch into different dense quality, more resistant to wear and corrosion resistant pre-alloy powder.

For the chemical treatment

Molybdenum glass melting process as electrode materials also increase the processing capacity of conventional furnaces. Since molybdenum high temperature strength and thermal stability and is designed for high-temperature furnace component materials.

For example, molybdenum and molybdenum alloys and more for hot isostatic pressing (HIP) means materials, heating elements, the sleeve and the bracket; ceramic fixtures in widespread use and sintering molybdenum molybdenum boat; electronics industry production oxide ceramics are used almost molybdenum carrier fired.

In addition, thanks to the compatibility of molybdenum and hot gas and its high-temperature strength and enable it in the aerospace and defense industry and other fields have to be applied. But poor oxidation resistance of molybdenum range of applications but it is subject to certain restrictions. Molybdenum is mainly used for fast speed, good performance of the rocket and the active valve and other component materials.

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