How to Order TZM Alloy

TZM alloy is  also called TZM molybdenum base alloy, molybdenum alloy TZM, molybdenum TZM, molybdenum high temperature TZM, titanium-zirconium- molybdenum.

As we all known that TZM (titanium-zirconium-molybdenum) alloy is an alloy of which contents 0.4~0.5%Ti, 0.06~0.12%Zr and 0.01~0.04% Carbon with balanced molybdenum.

TZM Molybdenum Alloy Physical Properties:

Item Unit Value Order
Density gm/cm3 10.22
Melting Point °C 2623
Thermal Conductivity Cal/cm2/cm°C/sec 0.48
Specific Heat Cal/gm/°C 0.073
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion micro-in/°C x 10-6 5.20
Electrical Resistivity micro-ohm-cm 6.85

TZM  alloy has a higher recrystallization temperature, good strength, hardness and better ductility at room and elevated temperatures than unalloyed molybdenum. In addition, TZM alloy exhibits good thermal conductivity, low vapor pressure, good corrosion resistance and is easy machined than pure molybdenum.

TZM Molybdenum Mechanical Properties:

Item Unit Value Order
Tensile Strength KSI (Mpa)-RT 110 (760)
Elongation % in 1.0" 15
Hardness DPH 220
Modules of Elasticity KSI 46000
Gpa 320

TZM Alloy Process:

The method of TZM alloy process is powder metallurgy. Firstly, mixing proportionally high-purity molybdenum powder with THi2 powder, ZrH2 powder and carbon together in the furnance, then pressed by cold isostatic and sintered at high temperature H2/N2 protective atmosphere to get a TZM blank.

Secondly, taking the TZM blank into the following steps: rolled at high temperatures, forged under high annealing temperature, annealed in medium temperature to eliminate stress then rolled in lower temperature to obtain TZM finished material.

Lastly, we can give users many options in selecting a material to satisfy their specific application requirements by established processes. It is can processed into forging billets, bar, rod, sheet, plate and foil.

TZM Molybdenum Alloy Typical Applications:

TZM alloy is used for jet tube of flying vehicle and a variety of components of high inlet temperature, high pressure turbine engine, such as hot gas seals and valves, turbine wheels or wheel blades.

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