TZC(Titanium Zirconium Carbon Moly)

TZC alloy(Titanium Zirconium Carbon Molybdenum) the following composition: 1.2% of titanium, zirconium, 0.3%, 0.1% carbon, histocompatibility complex (1.2% hafnium, 0.05% carbon).

TZC alloy(Titanium Zirconium Carbon Molybdenum) having excellent high temperature strength and high recrystallization temperature, and vacuum arc melting of powder metallurgy production method also has a good plasticity at room temperature.

In a very harsh conditions to make a high-temperature structural materials and high temperature processing of the tool material. Cast iron and iron-based alloy casting molds and cores used in aluminum and copper alloys, made ​​of stainless steel, such as hot extrusion tools and seamless thermal processing head. It is also possible to make space rocket flight equipment and surface composition.

TZC alloy with the addition of Ti, zr, C and other elements, the sintering process, it is not only pure phase sintering phenomena, but also of complex chemical reactions occur. Sintering the alloy to create the necessary time conditions for the carbon and titanium, zirconium reaction that causes the generation carbide, molybdenum powder in the presence of oxygen, the heating rate during sintering and hot temperature medium, in particular, that the oxygen content of molybdenum powder of the sintering process, it not only affect the alloy composition, the impact also affects the density of the alloy deformation processing.


Which can be used in the actual production technology to restore physical crushing mechanized processing molybdenum powder, molybdenum powder to improve the combination of state repression molybdenum powder to improve performance, thereby increasing the density of TZC molybdenum alloy head. Advantages are as follows:

Physical crushing technology can effectively eliminate the coarse molybdenum powder, agglomerated particles, improve bulk molybdenum powder, tap density, improved molybdenum powder
The size composition;

After reduction to molybdenum improved physical crushing surface area of the molybdenum powder, improve the activity of the powder, can be activated sintering, to improve the density of molybdenum head;

After physical crushing treatment, the same batch of molybdenum powder produced an average of molybdenum head density amplitude can reach 1.5%;

Molybdenum powder was subjected to physical crushing sieve, by the many small powder particles together to form aggregates are loose agglomeration of particles can be prepared directly TZC molybdenum alloy head, density reaches the national standard.

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