Moly Alloy Used In Military Industry

Molybdenum alloy has excellent heat resistance and high temperature mechanical properties, in the military industry has an important role.

Can be used for aircraft engines and combustion flame guides, spacecraft liquid rocket engine hoses, nozzles and valves, rocket nozzles, to return to the ends of the aircraft, satellites and spacecraft skin, boat and guide plates and wings protective coating material. Molybdenum-copper alloy can be used as missiles, air rudder, high temperature connectors.

Molybdenum hypersonic and high-density, so that it can be used HEAT liners. Molybdenum low thermal expansion coefficient and high conductivity, making it the liquid engine speed rotation sealing material.

molybdenum alloymolybdenum alloymolybdenum alloy

Molybdenum low coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal performance, the effect of solar radiation is strong dimensional stability are particularly good, with a metal mesh made ​​of aluminum satellite antenna, you can keep it completely parabolic shape, but lighter than graphite composite antenna . Molybdenum neutron absorption cross section is small, has good strength, good stability of the nuclear fuel, good corrosion resistance to liquid metal in fusion reactors for converters installed components Kai protective sheet. Molybdenum boat is still widely used in the nuclear industry, nuclear fuel processing boat.

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