Moly Alloy Used In Liquid Crystal Field

Molybdenum PlateWhat is moly alloy used for in liquid crystal field ?

Large flat panel displays also requires lower resistance as LCD, PDP and other flat panel display electrodes or wiring material and molybdenum alloy target compelling.

Currently the main use of the LCD Cr, but with a large flat panel display, high refinement, the specific resistance of the material requirements increase, demand is high. In the target of large-scale, Japan's a company with a company in Austria launched a competition.

Add W and other elements make the specific resistance, stress corrosion resistance balance of flat-panel displays large, increase the length of the wiring line width becomes small, so the resistance value increases, it requires a lower resistance of the wiring material. Compared with Cr and Mo than the resistance, the film stress is smaller than half, but the corrosion resistance (color), adhesion is poor. Adding molybdenum W, V, Nb, Ta, etc., in order than the resistance, stress, corrosion resistance and other properties balance.

Mo-V, Mo-Nb alloy target Hitachi developed to add V, Nb target material. Pure Mo Cr film is approximately half of the specific resistance (12ìùcm ~ 13ìùcm), stress is low, but the corrosion resistance test, peeling of film produced, disappear. In the 80 Mo-20V (at%) alloy film, though discoloration, but did not generate film peeling, the specific resistance lower than 5% of Cr. 80 Mo-20Nb (at%) alloy film is not discolored and maintain metallic luster, the specific resistance lower than 10% Cr. The company is based on demand, Perfect molybdenum target classification.

A company exports to Japan of pure molybdenum and Mo-W alloy of a company now supplies to Japan and corrosion resistance of molybdenum, film adhesion are improved Mo-W alloy target. The company will export to Japan Plate (a Japanese) in Japan on board polished on both sides, the composite on the substrate supply to the users.

Target large-scale targets are becoming more competitive pursuit of appropriate size with a large flat-panel display technology. Now the mainstream is the fourth generation of 1130mm × 1200mm size, the fifth generation of the future may 1450mm × 1700mm, and the sixth, seventh generation 2000mm square direction. Tosoh mammography for the piece of 1000mm × 1300mm × 16mm and rectangular 300mm × 2000mm × 16mm, Hitachi Metals is also associated with the fifth generation of the appropriate size. A company occupies a large world unrivaled dominance of molybdenum rolling technology, estimated to be a large target on the widening gap with other companies.

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