Moly Alloy Used In Electronics Industry

Moly alloy used in electronics industry as follow:

Tungsten, molybdenum and other refractory metals and electronics industry has been an important material used electric light. Molybdenum alloy has good electrical conductivity and high temperature properties, especially thermal expansion coefficient of the glass very similar, widely used in the manufacture of the lamp filament coil core wire, lead, hooks, brackets, side rods and other components, to make the gate in the electron tube and anode support material.

With the new electronic devices and the development of new sources, the corresponding properties of these materials, quality and varieties of a higher and more complex requirements, such as in recent years, with the LEO optical efficiency improvement and cost prices continue to decline, its field of application is also increasingly widespread and abundant, especially the recent large-size LCO panels, lights and white lighting section and the rapid growth of demand for the increasing demand for tungsten and molybdenum products in this industry chain more and more widely . Such as quartz glass, lighting area LEO, LEO temperature epitaxial silicon oxide crystals, LEO heating during the epitaxial growth of the child, LEO emitting electrodes are all in widespread use molybdenum material.

molybdenum alloy materail

In the power vacuum industry, molybdenum is widely used in stents, wire, gates and other components. Molybdenum wafer but also for the power transistor heat shield and silicon rectifier substrate and heat sink. Molybdenum used in VLSI metal oxide semiconductor gate, the IC can be mounted in platinum eliminate the "double metal effect." Ultra-thin seamless molybdenum tube (approximately 1spm) can be used as high-definition TV picture tube anode holder, this TV image scan lines of 1125, compared to a normal TV increased by 2 times.

Mo-Cu material has a high thermal conductivity, the thermal expansion coefficient of the ceramic material and the electronic industry and semiconductor materials to match, and has high heat resistance, as a packaging material which has been widely used. Meanwhile, the multilayer sandwich structure Cu / Mo / Cu, Cu / MoCu / Cu begin to application.

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