Moly Alloy Used In Processing Industry

Moly Alloy used in processing industry

In a vacuum furnace and protective atmosphere furnace, molybdenum and molybdenum alloy products are widely used in heating element, heat shield, the fixed parts, chassis, rail and boat. Large size of the molybdenum crucible because of its high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance and is widely used in surface coatings industry, manufacturing industry, crystal, diamond and cubic B flash production.

Molybdenum alloy head wear for seamless comparable tool steel head pipe system to improve wear life ten times to several times. High temperature and high strength molybdenum alloy as isothermal forging die in the aviation industry, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy machining parts on the application, others such as non-ferrous metal die-casting mold.

molybdenum alloymolybdenum alloymolybdenum alloy

Mold industry is developing rapidly, so EDM technology to be universally applied, molybdenum wire is ideal for WEDM wire electrode can cut all kinds of steel and carbide, an extremely complex parts machining shape, and its discharge machining stable and can effectively improve the precision of the mold.

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