Moly Alloy Used In Coating Industry

Moly alloy used in coating industry

With the rapid development of electronic information industry, the application of molybdenum sputtering target as a linear upward. Sputtering target is to get the film base material, with the rapid development of science and thin film technology advances, target of the research has also been considerable development. Sputtering Target applications include flat panel displays, semiconductors, magnetic storage, optical record storage, solar machinery, automobile, glass, decoration and other industries.

In a wide variety of target material, mammography has many excellent features, it is widely used in the flat panel display industry, thin film solar cell industry, the semiconductor industry, medical industry, machining industry and solid lubrication, etc., Table 1 shows the main mammography application.

In recent years, as the LCO (LCD), PDP (plasma display) and other flat panel display electrodes and wiring materials molybdenum alloy target more and more people's attention. In the TFT-LCO, the gate electrode is a key component, it was mainly used Cr / AL as the gate electrode material, along with a large flat-panel display technology and high precision, the impedance of the material than the increasingly high demand for molybdenum impedance and the ratio of chromium film stress only 1/2, and because the etching process will produce the hexavalent state Cr, harmful to the environment and health, so that more and more companies use Mo / AL as a gate electrode material , so that the demand for mammography also growing.

molybdenum sputtering target

Table. Molybdenum Sputtering Target Application Fields

The application of a molybdenum target, molybdenum alloys more and more, to further improve corrosion resistance in pure molybdenum (discoloration) and adhesion (peeling film), the molybdenum add V, Nb, W, Ta, then make specific resistance, stress and better corrosion resistance and other properties. In the field of solar cells, low-cost and efficient unity has always been the goal of solar development, after a silicon (monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon) solar cells based on the development of high-cost, low-cost thin-film solar cells after five years become the main force of the solar cell market. In the thin film solar cell layer, the need to use the back electrode material, and mammography resistant glass corrosion, high temperature and conductivity and good, so be back electrode material of choice.

In addition, mammography of a molybdenum sputtering target with the other or other process conditions, the wiring in the semiconductor, medical treatment, machining and other fields are widely solid lubricant.

Molybdenum in the coating industry is another important application of spraying. Molybdenum sputtering target broad application in the piston rings, bearings, extrusion equipment, engine block, high-wear parts turbine component spraying the surface molybdenum improve wear resistance.

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