Molybdenum Silicon Alloy

What Is Molybdenum Silicon Alloy?

With the aerospace, aviation and advanced energy and other scientific and technological development, silicon molybdenum alloy intermetallic compound as the application of high-temperature structural materials have been widely appreciated.

Molybdenum - there are three kinds of silicon intermetallic compounds: C11b structure of MoSi2, D8m structure Mo5Si3 and A15 structures Mo3Si. As MoSi2 has excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, early work focused on its research. Compared with MoSi2, Mo5Si3 biggest advantage is a higher melting point and better resistance to high temperature creep properties, but its high-temperature oxidation resistance is poor.

molybdenum alloy products

Mason et al directionally solidified Mo5Si3-MoSi2 eutectic alloy findings suggest that, in Mo5Si3 and MoSi2 exists MoSi2 / / [110] Mo5Si3 and (110) MoSi2 / (/ 002) Mo5Si3 orientation relationship and observed through targeted solidification method were Mo5Si3-MoSi2 eutectic alloy layer structure. Also found that the creep resistance of such a layered structure with the decrease of the middle spacing increased.

Umakoshi others in the study phase MoSi2-based alloys and found that the layered structure of silicon molybdenum alloy material helps to improve the high temperature strength, since the layered structure boundary, and (or) the cluster boundary layer can prevent the movement of dislocations.

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