Moly Disilicide Heating Elements Basic Requirements

Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements Basic Requirements As Follows:

For the preparation of high-temperature mechanical testing furnace, electric heating element has been recommended, because it has a good controllability, reliability and cleanliness. MoSi2 best meet these performance requirements, but also has good flexibility and high-temperature operability. Useful in the manufacture of ceramics, sintering (firing or sintering) is a very critical step.

For the manufacture of engineering ceramics, the temperature control is more stringent, the accuracy and reproducibility of the structure and control requirements to meet product performance requirements. MoSi2 heating elements which are on the synthesis and manufacture of strict requirements made​​, not only requires molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) in accordance with the stoichiometric composition, and that requires a dense structure, the performance requirements have a certain strength. Therefore, the manufacturing cost of various ceramic materials, the sintering step is the highest.

molybdenum alloy

It is reported that its share of the total cost of the half (including quality control, QC and yield), however, the metal material, the cost of the sintering usually <10% of the total costs.

Sintered requirements of different applications and different. For example, for research and development requirements in a variety of sintering furnace atmosphere has a wide temperature range. When the project control until the batch or continuous production, with the same type of heating element is advantageous. Mechanical tests on ceramic materials concerned, often require high temperatures. These standard test, the ideal condition is reliable, it is clear that, for each test temperature is constant, and the device is easy to use.

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