Molybdenum Disilicide Properties

molybdenum disilide powderMolybdenum disilicide is the highest silicon content of an intermediate phase between the component is fixed Dalton metal compounds Mo-Si binary alloy systems, it has the dual properties of metals and ceramics , is an excellent high-temperature materials . It has excellent physical properties , such as excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, high temperature oxidation above 1600 ℃ , and SiC considerable ; has a moderate density (6.24g/cm3); low thermal expansion coefficient (8.1 × 10 - 6K-1); good electric conductivity ; higher brittle-ductile transition temperature (1000 ℃) or less like a brittle ceramic . Above 1000 ℃ was soft metal like plastic .

MoSi2 mainly used as heating elements , integrated circuits, high temperature oxidation resistant coating and high temperature structural materials.

Due to the nature of molybdenum disilicide have more , so it is often used as a heating element , called : disilicide heating elements. Molybdenum disilicide heating elements is a major disilicide including electronic components , and for industrial and laboratory furnaces . This unique material elements on its surface capable of withstanding high power density material ( eg , element 20 W/cm2 of the surface element can withstand temperatures of 1700 ° C , the surface member 14 W/cm2 can withstand 1800 ° C, a surface element 5 W/cm2 can withstand 1900 ° C), such elements can be quickly cycle. When the element in the maximum temperature in air up to 1700 ° C, 1800 ° C, 1900 ° C , it may become 3 .

Bending Strength
Vickers hardness
Thermal expansion

Molybdenum disilicide heating elements made ​​of tungsten base at high temperature oxidation. When they are exposed to air , when exposed to high temperatures , a thin layer of silica glass surface of these elements is formed by the protection. Although this ceramic matrix based on silicon , " skin" is consumed in the form of , but the decomposition rate is low. At high temperatures , they can have a high power , and simultaneously generating high energy .

With the decomposition of the cermet , the heating pattern is reduced in diameter , will continue to increase the resistance element . Disilicide heating elements and can not show the aging of silicon carbide , metallic iron-chromium alloy elements. Disilicide heating element can operate at high temperatures in an oxidizing atmosphere, with the longest life . They can operate in another atmosphere , but to the lower temperature .

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