Lanthanum Impact On TZC Second Phase

Does Lanthanum (La) has any effect on TZC alloy second phase size, shape and distribution and grain size of the alloy product ?

TZC alloy phase structure analysis showed that (see below photomicrograph).

Without the addition of lanthanum (La) of the PM-TZC alloy, the second phase particles of coarse TiC and ZrO2, and a small number, the shape is irregular; while adding lanthanum (La) the TZC alloys, with lanthanum (La) content increases, the number of the second phase increases, the average size is reduced, the distribution and dispersion was ball. Meanwhile, add lanthanum (La) the average grain size of the alloy is less than no added lanthanum (La) of the alloy.

tzc alloy

Pic. PM-TZC Alloy Microstructure X500

Lanthanum (La) is added to form a complex oxide La2Zr2O7, this early phase formation, dispersion quantity and the distribution, while the phase by forming its core relative symbiotic can promote the precipitation of carbides, thus the alloy increase in the number of second phase, the average size is reduced, the distribution of dispersion. Also, these dispersed second phase particles on the grain boundary migration during sintering are hindered, and therefore the grain refinement of the alloy.

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