Lanthanum Impact On TZC Alloy Performance

tzcDoes lanthanum has any effect on TZC alloyperformance?

1. Lanthanum <0.5%, with an increase in La deoxidation constant negative value decreased rapidly. When La> 0.5%, the deoxidation constant negative decreased slowly, that is, when La = 0.5%, the deoxidizing effect is more ideal. The results with the strength, hardness and L 'blood in the relationship is the same. As deoxidation products in small particles present in the alloy, thereby improving the ductility.

When La = 0.5% when, TZC alloy (Ti-Zr-C alloy) plastic top. This Olds, who believe that Ti, Ce, V, and B to reduce the molybdenum-brittle transition temperature of a plastic having a suitable range is consistent with the view.

2. From the microstructure can be seen as adding to change La oxygen in the presence of molybdenum alloys status and refined grains, pure molybdenum oxide to molybdenum dioxide exists in the form of coarse flakes. Adding lanthanum, oxygen is <1 micron spherical (Ti, Zr, La) O forms exist. Since the grain boundary to improve distribution patterns interstitial impurities, the alloy ductility improvement.


a.TZC alloy (Ti-Zr-C alloy) added La, can improve the oxygen impurities in the gap existing state of the grain boundaries existing on the coarse flaky molybdenum becomes small (La, Ti, Zr) O type spherical particles (particle), while the grain refinement can thus be improved plastic alloy, extended string greatly improved, but its temperature slightly lower tensile strength.

b.TZC alloy (Ti-Zr-C alloy) in the best La content of about 0.5%.

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