Lanthanum Impact On TZC Alloy High Temperature Mechanical Properties

Does lanthanum has any effect on TZC alloy high temperature mechanical properties?

Fig.1 is a thermal simulation expansion Fomastor-Press each alloy was measured at 1200 ℃ under different compression deformation resistance of; Fig.2 is Gleeble-1500 thermal simulation testing machine measured the instantaneous temperature of the alloy tensile strength; From the above the results can be seen, with lanthanum (La) content increases, PM-TZC alloy high temperature strength and hardness, described lanthanum (La) of the alloy significantly strengthening.

tzc alloy

Fig.1 A High Compressive Strength Relationship With La content

tzc alloy

Fig.2 The Relationship Between TZC Alloy High-Temperature Tensile Strength and La Content

Lanthanum (La) for PM-TZC alloy high-temperature strength and hardness with lanthanum (La) on TZC alloy second phase related to the impact, sintered PM-TZC alloy strengthening mechanism is the second major phase dispersion strengthening and solid solution reinforced, high temperature state, the previous mechanisms predominate, lanthanum (La) is added to increase the amount of the second phase, reducing the size of the second phase, and to a second dispersed phase, thereby enhancing the TZC the second phase of the dispersion alloy strengthening effect, with lanthanum (La) content increased and the temperature increase, such a second phase of the dispersion strengthening effect prominent, and therefore at high temperature, with lanthanum (La) higher levels of alloy having a high strength and hardness.

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