TZM High Temperature Fasteners

TZM Alloy High Temperature Fasteners As Follows:molybdenum alloy

And from the atmosphere can be repeated spacecraft and hypersonic aircraft structural parts and components heat connections and fixed using a variety of fasteners are required, they must be able to withstand high temperature 1300 ℃, including environmental and structural loads induced oxidative stress.

Upon completion of the mission of the whole process, should also consider the role of static tensile and shear stresses, however, to the heat during the flight is more important. Creep behavior is also an important design criterion temperature. Before launch, the aircraft still on the ground a short time by the role of rocket engines, components subject to vibration and sound to stimulate the role of high-frequency fatigue loads. Fatigue load cycles caused by stress on the fasteners impact; due to stress amplitude is small, we must correctly handle the situation.

Facts show that the possible existence of local defects lead to the formation of fatigue cracks and expansion problems between. In an alternative fastening of the various metals and their alloys, since the metals and their alloy is expensive, so only a limited selection of objects TZM alloy (Mo-0.6% Zr-0.4% Ti) Cb-752 alloy or Ta-10W molybdenum alloy.

Wherein, TZM alloy has the highest strength, relatively speaking, at temperatures up to 1600 ℃, TZM alloy maintaining superior in strength; at room temperature to 1600 ℃ temperature range, Cb-752 and the two alloys Ta-10W relatively small intensity differences between almost unchanged. The basis of the static strength value, when the temperature does not exceed 1600 ℃, TZM alloy provides the Cb-752, and Ta-10W more superior performance compared;

However, the high temperature oxidation behavior of molybdenum alloys have potentially disastrous consequences. However, as TZM alloy relatively cheap, so people still trying to use this refractory metal alloy material used in an inert atmosphere made ​​some heat fasteners. Currently, the production of a nominal diameter of 6mm of several fasteners, nuts and washers special; successfully developed and improved silicide coating, thus ensuring the safety and reliability in use.

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