Molybdenum Copper Alloy Properties

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Properties As Follows:

Performance materials preparation process is to determine whether the smooth realization of the key engineering applications. The tensile test uses CMT-5105A electronic universal testing machine, metal tensile specimen dimensions according to GB/T228-1987 requirements; using HV-120 Vickers hardness of surface hardness; thermal properties using thermal expansion, differential thermal analysis instruments such determination. The test calculations, copper molybdenum alloy composite main properties are shown below.

molybdenum copper alloy

Table copper molybdenum alloy key performance

Tensile strength
Elongation/% Surface hardness
Linear expansion coefficient(×10-6) Thermal conductivity /(W·MK-1)
Normal temperature 470 267.8 15 161 5.5 134
800 252 235.6 - - 6.4 113
Grade: Mo-10Cu; ingredients: 6 ~ 16 wt% Cu; Density: 9.5 g/cm3; Relative density: 92%

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