Molybdenum Copper Alloy Applications

molybdenum copper alloyMolybdenum Copper Alloy Applications As Follows:

Copper molybdenum alloy used as follows:

1. Vvacuum contact, currently underway in large scale applications;

2. Conductive cooling components to meet the high-power microwave devices, integrated circuits and high conductivity, thermal conductivity properties, heat resistance, vacuum performance and constant coefficient of thermal expansion and other requirements;

3. As special instrumentation components required to meet their non-magnetic, fixed thermal expansion coefficient, high elastic modulus, high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity and the like;

4. For a slightly lower temperature rockets, missiles, high temperature components, but also can replace molybdenum as other weapons of components, such as extended-range artillery, etc.;

5. Used as a solid dynamic seal, sliding friction ribs, water-cooled furnace electrode tip, as well as EDM electrodes. Their application can be further developed. copper molybdenum alloy is the development of modern science and technology an important and indispensable materials.

6. Can be expected, copper molybdenum alloy as a functional material applications, will become the future for a long time of research. But experts point out that to expand its presence in high-temperature structural materials applications must also address the problem of high-temperature oxidation.

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