Molybdenum Copper Alloy Processes

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Processes As Follows:

molybdenum copper alloy棒Copper molybdenum alloy preparation method - liquid phase sintering

Molybdenum-copper mixed powder after pressing, the liquid-phase sintering at 1300-1500 ℃. This material prepared by uniformly bad, there are more closed the gap, the density is usually less than 98%, but by adding a small amount of nickel activated sintering, mechanical alloying method for reducing or Ultrafine oxide nanopowder can improve the sintering activity, thereby increasing tungsten, copper, molybdenum, copper alloy density.

But the nickel activated sintering cause the material conductivity, thermal conductivity decreased significantly, the introduction of mechanical alloying impurities will reduce the material conductivity; oxide powders were prepared by reduction, process cumbersome, inefficient production, it is difficult production.

Copper molybdenum alloy preparation method - tungsten, molybdenum skeleton infiltration method

Molybdenum powder, tungsten powder, or the first pressing and sintering into a certain porosity, tungsten, molybdenum skeleton and copper infiltration. This method is suitable for low copper content of tungsten, copper, molybdenum, copper products. Copper molybdenum alloy, tungsten copper, compared with the quality of small, easy processing, linear expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity and mechanical properties of some of the major advantages of tungsten and copper considerable. Although the heat resistance of less than tungsten and copper, but better than the current number of heat-resistant material, the application prospect. Molybdenum copper because copper tungsten wettability than the difference, in particular the preparation of low copper content of molybdenum, copper, after infiltrating the low density of the material, resulting in airtight material, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, can not meet the requirements, its application is limited.

Copper molybdenum alloy advantages:

  • Tungsten-copper composite material than similar high 40%
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Thermal and mechanical properties
  • Thermal expansion
  • Without expensive tooling
  • High Precision Machining
  • Electroplating and metal options
  • Airtight

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