Moly Alloy Cutting Process Improvement

Moly alloy cutting process improvement as follows:

molybdenum alloyIn order to reduce or avoid defects arising during processing, improve processing efficiency, using conventional processing methods and cutting is difficult to achieve, be improved method. Under the existing conditions, we have taken the following measures and methods.

1. To improve the quality of parts of each process

In part the process, to improve the quality of the machining processes, the accuracy level, and to ensure that the parts after the clamping procedure, the processing step can be carried out smoothly. Such as the length, width and height respectively 270x160x10omm phase plate, we require the thickness direction of the sides of flatness and parallelism are not greater than. .06 Mm. All sharp corners, sharp edges, of circular Ro.8, processing rectangular (SD root) are all Ro.5 ~ 1 rounded to avoid stress concentration. Clamping preload size should be appropriate, not too big nor too small, but also in parts loading and unloading, are forbidden to use iron clamp the workpiece directly beat, all provisions of bars or glass with a wooden hammer tap to prevent crushing or cracks affect the quality.

2. Improved cutting method

Molybdenum alloys in the cutting process arises collapse debris phenomenon is a state when exiting from the cutting tool with the collapse, in order to reduce or avoid this "band collapse." Must be at least a knife or hide a knife. To this end, we have adopted a "closed" cutting rolls iron machining method.

The so-called "closed" cutting tool is to allow only people with no exit, so as not to produce a knife edge with debris resulting from frittering tearing.
For example: a cylindrical iron-cut machining end, let the cutter along four weeks circulation processing, the entire process, only one infeed and one of the knives, and in between the feed and the knife, the tool is always in the cutting condition. Using cis-iron processing, thus avoiding the time when the knife with collapse, greatly improving the product yield. While drilling or slotting is taken when processing ends docking method to avoid edge chipping. With this docking method for processing holes, slots Parts with 100% pass rate. Of course, at this time require appropriate jig and tool setting device to ensure its verticality and position accuracy.

3. Choose a reasonable cutting tools

Choose a reasonable cutting objective is to ensure processing quality and tool life under the premise of improving the amount of metal cutting. Since molybdenum alloy itself difficult to cut features, with ordinary tools and cutting parameters are difficult to achieve the objective. Therefore essential to a variety of tools, the use of different cutting test, and compared to choose the best tools and parameters for processing. This part quality, tool use efficiency and processing efficiency is a crucial aspect.

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