Moly Alloy Cutting Process Machining Factors

Moly alloy cutting process machining factors as follows:

Machining hard molybdenum alloy mainly because their physical and mechanical properties and crystal structure of its own decision.

Mo alloy powder sintered by pressing, sintering to penetrate the pressing amount of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, while the accumulation of impurities in the grain boundary, causing the grain boundary brittle at room temperature, the material crystal structure is uneven, not fine, grains and obvious defects. And the personnel department and the appointment of product designers should also be appointed, according to the live product craftsmen and artisans system satisfied the person technical command line, the new models together to complete scientific research, trial tasks can no longer highlight the "research" and Partial disposable "system" was.

In addition, molybdenum alloy products craft work in process examination and countersigned technology to prepare, process research (test) and identification, process evaluation and process stereotypes and other major sectors, all taxable persons in each unit of the plan's network, be time and funding guarantees. Grasping manufacturing quality products, first grasp the process quality and process discipline, without which the idea can not be caught. Process management department is in charge of leadership and chief technologist of the unit technology work organization and management of the implementation of general staff and offices, but also the lower-ranking officers and issued on the situation reported to the bridge should be enriched and sound.

molybdenum alloy cutting processing

Under normal circumstances you can see with the naked eye on a molybdenum alloy gray cast iron particle shape. Hard and brittle is its outstanding features, its low impact toughness, elongation is small, linear expansion coefficient is small, than ordinary carbon steel linear expansion coefficient times. Therefore, its brittleness cutting process must be potentially dangerous, and its modulus of elasticity is high, almost no elastic deformation part in the process hardly occurs significant macroscopic deformation will break.

Secondly, part of the processing elements themselves: such flatness, parallelism, squareness, burrs, sharp points and other defects in the fixture, the cutting process is also very obvious obstacles. Parts clamping improper or excessive eating knife, will have a "creak" "quack" strange sounds and edge wear serious, a little carelessness will chipping. If the part itself has cracks or processing within the right angle, it will rapidly expand, resulting in breakage or partial loss.

In addition, the cutting tool materials, geometry and cutting methods, such as cutting and part quality have a great relationship.

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