Molybdenum Alloy Cutting Tool Selection

Molybdenum alloy cutting tool selection as follows:

Molybdenum alloy cutting tool material selection

molybdenum alloyTool hardness than the hardness of the workpiece material, have sufficient strength and toughness, high heat resistance and wear resistance, while also a good process and so on. Based on the above principles and processing characteristics of molybdenum and its alloys, by cutting practices that use the following grades obtained good cutting tool material effect.

1) When the processing of pure molybdenum products, it is usually used YW1, YW2 and YG6 other ordinary carbide cutting tools, such as selecting 600,642,726, YM051 and other brands of knives, cutting better;

2) When cutting molybdenum alloy, it is usually used YG6, YG8 and high hardness YG10H tool.

Molybdenum alloy cutting tool geometry selection

The size of the tool geometry should be considered the workpiece material, cutting requirements, materials, and machine tool rigidity and other factors. As the high melting point of molybdenum, large active performance, to give a lot of energy will produce cutting deformation;

Modulus of elasticity combined with molybdenum, the material rigidity, with strong, firm, easily deformed, chip removal is very difficult, therefore, ensure that the tool tip is not deformed, based on the sharp cutting edge as far as possible. According to the above principles, selected a range of geometric angles of the cutting experiments, repeated experiments that, under normal circumstances can be used to increase the rake angle, and with a negative edge angle, a small entering angle measures to strengthen heads.

Such as the use YG6, YG8 roughing tool molybdenum or molybdenum alloy material, tool geometry parameters can be used: r0 = 5 ~ 10 °; α0 = 10 ~ 12 °; kr = 45 °; k'r = 15 °; r01 = -2 ~ -5 °; br1 = 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm; volume flute radius R = 6 ~ 8mm. When a fine car, can use the tool geometry parameters: r0 = 15 ~ 20 °; α0 = 15 °; kr = 90 °: k'r = 10 °.

Also note that, after the tool angle is large, can reduce the adhesion of molybdenum and flank, thus requiring the tool before the flank should have a high finish.

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