Moly Alloy Cutting Process Modified Way

Molybdenum alloy cutting process modified way as folloes

The same chemical composition of the material, if they are different microstructure, the mechanical and physical properties are different. Therefore, changing the material by heat treatment to improve the microstructure of materials, cutting performance of the main method.

Since molybdenum alloy material, high hardness, brittleness at room temperature, easy to produce work hardening, especially in the processing and external threads, internal and external taper and other parts of the workpiece edge prone to collapse, crack, fall phenomenon, which affects the processing quality .

molybdenum alloy

Molybdenum alloy material when the temperature rises to 350 ~ 450 ℃, its plasticity significantly increased, decrease in hardness, the cutting very favorable. Therefore, often used in the processing of the workpiece heating means for cutting, with good results. It should be noted workpiece thermal expansion and contraction issues to consider before processing to this factor.

In short, cutting molybdenum alloy material, the first material of the workpiece processing characteristics, choose a practical tool material and geometry, using reasonable cutting elements, certain supplementary measures taken under the conditions of eligibility to machining molybdenum products.

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