Molybdenum Alloy Head Use Instructions

Molybdenum Alloy Head Use Instructions As Follows:

1. Molybdenum alloy head wear every once head surface quality must be checked whether there is bonded steel, pressure pit, severe cracks and other defects, serious defects molybdenum alloy head should be replaced;

2. Molybdenum alloy head preheating temperature at 850 to 950 degrees, the glass powder to be sprayed evenly. Perforation head color to orange-red as the most appropriate. Head temperature of over 1150 degrees, the steel should be stopped until the head and then slowly cooled to continue production;

3. Consecutive 3 shortage perforated tube defects, they should immediately stop production and analysis of the situation;

4. Lless than the maximum diameter mandrel head diameter 4 ~ 8mm;

5. Billet heating temperature of 1120 to 1200 degrees, the head can be released before the end of the pipe is heated to a warm area.

Note 1: The head during use to prevent water splashing, or head easy to crack;

Note 2: The second use of the head should be cooled to 400 degrees, non-water-cooled;

Note 3: Since the sublimation characteristics of molybdenum, molybdenum alloy of the heating plug or protection measures are needed for the use of protective atmosphere, generally heated heavy oil combustion flame, the flame coating head isolation from the action of air, to prevent the occurrence of molybdenum sublimation.

Tips: Molybdenum alloy head during piercing with a little stick steel, can be used to manually stick steel wheel polished off, continue to use;

Head after long term use can not meet the perforation size becomes smaller requirements, if there are no other defects in the head, can be modified to use;

If the requirements for higher quality steel, glass frit may not be sprayed, but the cost is to reduce the service life of the plug.

Tips: glass lubricant to use: the appropriate viscosity glass powder, 100 mesh sieve, then add (a ~ 2.5)% sodium seaweed silicon adhesive and mix thoroughly, medium-pressure in the mold of φ30 × 30mm tapered cylindrical glass block, the knot can be used after baking, the hollow tube before adding the perforation holes, you can wear the system and produce a good effect. (Industrial salt can also be used directly or glass powder sprinkled on the head surface).

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