Molybdenum Alloy Head & Steel Head

Moly Alloy HeadMolybdenum alloy head and steel head has different uses:

Mo alloy head - stainless steel, alloy steel and high temperature alloy steel and other high alloy steel;

Steel head - ordinary carbon steel and low alloy steels.

(High-alloy steel: alloy content greater than 10%; alloy steel: alloy element content of 5% to 10%; low-alloy steel: alloy element content of less than 5%)

Steel Plant In all wearing ordinary carbon steel and low alloy steel, generally make use of low-carbon steel head, the service life of 100-200 expenses, costs 25 to 50 tons per hour; latest research report, using 4Cr5MoSiV1 material Steel 20 # steel head wear average life expectancy of up to 793.4 (also reported lifetime 689), and its head price of 60 yuan / kg, t costs only 3.31 yuan.

Mo alloy head wear high alloy steel pipe manufacturing 304,316 of life is generally 200 or more, mo alloy head by 400 yuan / kg basis, t costs around $ 160.

Since molybdenum alloy head wear made ​​of ordinary carbon steel and low alloy steel pipe life no statistics, it is difficult to molybdenum alloy steel head with head of the production costs were compared. However, due to the volatility of molybdenum molybdenum alloy decided to wear head tube life is not too long, to 160 yuan and 3.31 yuan a tonne cost comparison, single molybdenum alloy head required 20 # steel tube 10600 only with new steel head rather, to molybdenum alloy steel head is difficult to achieve head replacement.

It is therefore recommended to make head alternative molybdenum alloy steel head of promotion, only for those difficult to wear steel material (usually steel), such as: steel head wear system is difficult, all wearing life in 100 or less 50 below.

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