Moly Alloy Plate Processing Technology Status

Molybdenum alloy plate in recent years, a wide range of applications and international market fluctuations, molybdenum processing enterprises to speed up the country's rapid development.

At present, China engaged in the processing of molybdenum and molybdenum alloy plate with more than 20 major companies, which has a complete production equipment for the seven, the rest mainly in material processing and small sheet-based. In recent years, along with nanotechnology, composite technology, information technology, materials, design and other new technologies in the molybdenum sheet production and research aspects of the application of molybdenum and molybdenum alloys in sheet metal processing has made brilliant achievements.

For example, in rare earth doped molybdenum, the development of the molybdenum alloy-La molybdenum alloy greatly improved the performance and application environment; in alloying, the development of a large size TZM alloy slab, technical indicators have reached international advanced level, for China TZM sheet scale production provide a strong technical support; production in large-size panels, the researchers used 1200 mm rolling mill, purification and process optimization through the blank test rolled out 0.5 × 800 ~ 1000 × 1500 ~ 2000 large molybdenum plate. For China Molybdenum and molybdenum alloy plate cold rolling technology and processing equipment to create a precedent.

molybdenum alloy

Although China Molybdenum and molybdenum alloy production and research has achieved some results, but with the world advanced level gap is still large, mainly reflected in the following aspects: blank homogenization and purification of, alloying, the size differences in specifications and applicable standards are not unified, and other processing equipment, such as the world's largest commercial molybdenum alloy plate was (4.77 ~ 19.1) mm × 1219 mm × 2000 mm single weight up to 500kg, while China produce the largest single weight is 100 ~ 180kg molybdenum alloy slab, mainly reflected in the large slab forming, sintering technology differences; molybdenum plate of the current application of the standard is still in 1983 formulated GB3876-83, both the chemical composition and dimensional tolerances are unable to international market, it can be seen from the table below our GB in chemical composition with the world advanced level gap.

Table GB and Plansee enterprise standard ingredients contrast μg / g

Chemical Element Al W Ca Fe Mg Ni Si Cu N P O C
National Institute of Standards 20 - -20 100 20 50 100 - 30 - 80 100
Business Standard
20 300 10 100 10 10 30 20 20 10 50 2

Molybdenum plate processing technology is more complex than that of tungsten, inter-process"hereditary" stronger requirements on the process relatively harsh environment, from the slab to the final rolling, there are stringent requirements. High-quality plate rolling ingot is the foundation of a direct impact on the quality of the blank to the final product yield and plates mechanical properties.

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