Molybdenum Alloy Single Crystal

What is molybdenum alloy single crystal

Soviet Savitsky vacuum arc melting and plasma arc melting preformed blanks, and then use the electron beam zone melting alloy elements added alloying obtained molybdenum - niobium, molybdenum - tungsten solid solution type of heat-resistant alloys single crystal. Although the method of this solid-solution strengthening improved strength, but reduces the elongation of the single crystal.

In addition, by increasing the lattice distortions such strength can only be maintained to 0.3 ~ 0.4 T melt over this temperature, the intensity decreased significantly; And when adding alloying elements for a long time, since the strong development of dendrites, appeared in the single crystal the chemical composition of non-uniform, causing physical and mechanical properties of single crystal inconsistencies and changes of physical constants.

molybdenum alloy single crystal furnace

Current use of new physical phenomena, i.e. the presence of the substrate particles larger hematocrit hardening phase appears to enhance crystal. This alloy is characterized by a small amount of expensive alloying elements, the electron concentration in the crystal lattice increases the binding force between the atoms, while preserving the physical properties of single crystal, and the vicinity of the second phase particles is strongly distorted lattice Field while a partial hardening. Using the zone melting method, individually or jointly, adding zirconium carbide, niobium carbide and molybdenum-based alloy particles made ​​of single crystal, its mechanical properties.

As can be seen, with the zirconium carbide, niobium carbide and molybdenum single crystal alloy is consolidated, 1600 ℃ lower than three times the tensile strength, yield strength increased 10 times. Therefore, improving the high-temperature strength of molybdenum single crystal most effective method is to use carbide, nitride, or other compounds alloying.

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