Molybdenum Alloy Coating

What is molybdenum alloy coating

Since molybdenum alloy coating has good wear and corrosion resistance, Pat applied in many ways, about 40 years old. Now, the biggest use of molybdenum alloy coating is added coated piston rings, piston ring to improve wear resistance. Can be expected to improve the wear performance, molybdenum will play an increasingly important role.

In the coming years, molybdenum alloy coating two new applications collar city is a high-temperature electric and solar collectors he. Here to discuss molybdenum alloy coating preparation.

Molybdenum alloy coating preparation

Many coating methods, such as evaporation, sputtering, flame spraying and plasma spraying, electrodeposition, chemical deposition, chemical vapor deposition. All of these methods can be used to produce a coating containing molybdenum. Limited application to send emitted, most of them in the sputtered metal substrate molybdenum disulfide as a lubricant. In the past few years, flame spraying has been coated with molybdenum alloy coating plus the most widely used coating methods, are now used to coat the piston ring. In such applications, the coating with good adhesion is the primary, and the porous coating is not important. Sometimes this type of coating porous structure or even beneficial.

molybdenum alloy

However, for anti-corrosion aspects, no porous coating. However, these coatings for solar collectors when the need for a porous coating structure, according to the spectral absorption properties of the coating may be. Molybdenum metal and its alloys have been studied for many years electrolytic deposition, still did not reach the scale of industrial production. In this paper, the back will be more fully electrowinning discussion. Someone molybdenum chemical deposition have conducted exploration.

However, for the production of anti-corrosion coating, this method may have a serious disadvantage because a large number of boron and phosphorus, such as the reaction product of blending, the coating containing impurities. For such kind of applications in the electronics industry, these impurities may be useful, and for improving the corrosion resistance may be harmful.
Chemical vapor deposition as the production of a molybdenum alloy coating wood technology is promising, but this method requires hops such as a halide or a carbon compound as a raw material like the more expensive.

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