Moly Alloy Plate Processing Industry Recommendations

Development of China's molybdenum alloy plate processing industry recommendations are as follows:

1. To develop large-scale sintering furnace as a starting point, by studying chemical composition control, alloy design, and pressing, sintering process adjustment preparing high-quality large size of the tungsten-molybdenum plate.

2. In the rolling process, through the study uniform heating, surface treatment technology and automation technology, improved stove materials and raceway transfer mode, with its development of energy-efficient rolling process to achieve continuous, information production.

molybdenum alloy

3. In the rolling equipment to roll mainly through horizontal coordination to establish a professional team to resolve long hindered tungsten-molybdenum plate hot roller problems.

4. Strengthen international cooperation and science and technology, information exchange, training of tungsten and molybdenum processing technology in the field of research and application development of all kinds of talents to promote the tungsten-molybdenum plate metal processing industry to develop in the direction of deep processing and finishing.

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