Molybdenum Alloy Head

What Is Molybdenum Alloy Head

Molybdenum in molybdenum alloy head added titanium, zirconium, carbon and other alloying elements to form the micro-molybdenum alloy, the alloy used to make stainless steel, high temperature alloys and other difficult-to thermal deformation of the metal piercing tool, called molybdenum alloy head, such as the photo shown.

1955 first reported in the United States using the Mo-1% V, Mo-2% W, Mo-0.5% Ti molybdenum alloy cast stainless steel seamless pipe perforation test. In 1969 the former Soviet Union on the use of Mo-0.5% Ti molybdenum alloy cast steel is hot piercing tests reported. 1977 United States using TZM molybdenum alloy steel casting hot piercing trials to be successful.

From 1967 to 1979, China's use of Mo-0.5% Ti, TZM molybdenum alloy casting or change shape to do the drawings molybdenum alloy steel seamless tube piercing process schematic piercing plug. Since 1979, use of low production cost, long-life powder metallurgy molybdenum alloy head made ​​of high carbon stainless steel seamless pipe produced by piercing tool.

molybdenum alloy head

Molybdenum alloy head classification

Production methods can be classified according to their molybdenum alloy head casting, powder metallurgy and processing of high-carbon molybdenum alloy head change shape molybdenum alloy head three kinds. The process is as follows:

Molybdenum alloy casting head is generally the carbon molybdenum, pure titanium sheet, plain wrong piece composed by vacuum consumable electrode arc furnace melting into ingots. Vacuum of 135 ~ 400Pa, voltage of 30 ~ 32V, current density of 0.40 ~ 0.455A/mm2, melting rate of 0.8 ~ 0.9kg/min. Nominal alloy composition of Mo-0.5% Ti 0.1% Zr-0.03% C. The average life of 100 times.

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