Molybdenum Alloy Slab Production Equipment

Molybdenum alloy slab production equipment as follows:

Molybdenum alloy slab general production process: mixing powder → pressing → ​​sintering. The key equipment for the sintering equipment, molding widespread use of domestic cold isostatic pressing, which can produce several hundred kilograms of large-size slab, ease of operation and low cost. Sintering furnace according to different heating methods can be broadly divided into vertical furnace, intermediate frequency furnace and furnace three kinds of tungsten wire.

molybdenum alloy

Table Some domestic manufacturers stove comparison

Stove name Stove models Heating method Sintering characteristics
Vertical furnace 1 000 Kw
600 kW
Ohmic heating Relatively dense tungsten slab, specifications small, coarse grains, low yield
IF furnace ф540×1 200ф640×1 200 Induction heating Process stability, sintered tungsten molybdenum slab large size, good quality
Tungsten wire furnace ф410×610 Radiant heating Temperature is high and uniform, suitable tungsten slab

As can be seen from the table, intermediate frequency furnace large size can be sintered tungsten molybdenum and alloy slab, high efficiency, the country has large-scale production of intermediate frequency furnace, recently Jinduicheng Molybdenum Company created two intermediate frequency furnace, installed furnace capacity is 600 ~ 1 000kg, the sintering furnace for melting down small size of molybdenum slab weight is generally 6 ~ 15 kg, the pure molybdenum slab, the sintering density, homogeneous facilitate the subsequent rolling, the alloy, , the heating temperature is too fast, too, grains grow rapidly, and to a spherical alloy elements in the grain boundary precipitates, resulting in increased brittleness, is not conducive to the subsequent processing. Tungsten wire Reheating Furnace up to 2 600 ℃, average temperature is good, help 50 kg or less blank firing.

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