Molybdenum Alloy Plate Rolling Process

Molybdenum alloy plate rolling process as follows:

Molybdenum alloy sheet rolling method affect product quality and performance. Rolling easy to produce unidirectional anisotropy serious, cross rolling is reduced anisotropy, so that the rolling direction of the mechanical properties of convergence.

From the analysis of the organization, a fibrous morphology unidirectional rolling, the rolling direction with high strength and ductility, strength along the direction perpendicular to the rolling ductility is poor; the cross rolling discus shaped morphology was similar, vertical and horizontal to organize staggered overlap each other, more uniform grain arrangement, can effectively avoid the stress of the force which causes uneven defects.

Research shows that one-way rolling cracks parallel to the rolling direction towards; cross rolling crack strike direction of 45 °, curved shape. Cross over unidirectional rolling rolling crack, its crack toward the synchronization with the rolling direction is small, and the effective length of the path length extension, the further expansion of the crack from the blockade.

molybdenum alloy

Structure analysis showed a strong one-way rolling to obtain {100} <110>, {111} <112> and {112} <110> texture, and can cross the rolling of the rotating cube textured {100} <110> be strengthened, this type of texture also shows the rolling and cross-rolling unidirectional anisotropy differences.

Cross-rolling the choice of commutation point size after rolling anisotropy has a great influence, but it is not a quantitative method of determining the plastic deformation theory based on, for forward and backward as far as possible deformation of the same, in order to ensure after homogeneous, anisotropic to a minimum. Specific to the production, the commutation point selection also largely confined to the restrictions on the device, not exactly in accordance with the theory to proceed. This issue needs further study

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