Molybdenum Alloy Head Characteristics

Molybdenum alloy head has the following features:

Molybdenum alloy head temperature strength, high temperature, high hardness, thermal expansion coefficient, elastic modulus, impact resistance, but poor low temperature ductility, thus requiring greater than molybdenum alloy head 700 ℃ conditions. To prevent high temperature oxidation and reduction of the head table perforation deformation resistance, the head surface using glass powder for anti-surface oxidation and lubrication.

Head carbon molybdenum alloy powder metallurgy

Density of 9.3g/cm3;
Room temperature hardness Hv: 1600 ~ 20000MPa; 1100 ℃ HV: 480MPa;
Tensile strength: 354 ~ 450MPa, 1100 ℃ Tensile strength: more than 200MPa; 1100 ℃: 3.0% ~ 3.5%.

TZM alloy casting head density of 10.00g/cm3, hardness of the alloy as shown in Table 1.

Table 1 TZM alloy head casting hardness.

Temperature/℃ Room Temperature 700 900 1100
Hardness/MPa >1970 >1250 >1200 >1150

Short-time tensile properties of alloys: 1100> 189Mpa, 1100 ℃ more than 10%, 1100 ℃ torsional strength Tb> 176N.m, 1100 ℃ revolutions n = 3 turns. Molybdenum alloy head machining deformation density> 10g/cm3, alloy hardness as shown in Table 2. 1200 ℃ short-term tensile strength> 330Mpa.

Table 2 molybdenum alloy head machining deformation hardness

Temperature/℃ Room Temperature 900
Hardness/MPa >2900 >1450

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