Molybdenum Alloy Head Processes

Molybdenum alloy head processes as follows:

Carbon molybdenum alloy head, usually high-purity molybdenum powder, titanium hydride powder, zirconium hydride powder, toner mixed into the rubber mold after using 150 ~ 200MPa pressure to suppress and then compacts in hydrogen or vacuum under the conditions of 75% to 80% the melting point, heat 3 ~ 5h sintering, product density of 9.3 ~ 9.6g/cm3.

molybdenum alloy head

Molybdenum alloy the plug nominal composition of: Mo-1.5% Ti 0.2% Zr-0.3% C, that the plug the average life is 300 times.

Machining Variable morphological molybdenum alloy immediate yes will casting molybdenum alloy ingot or an powder metallurgy ingot heated to a 1300 ℃ carry out forging or extrusion deformation, called the machining Variable morphological molybdenum alloy immediate, average life expectancy of four hundred times.

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