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CMC Alloy Process - Rolling Cladding

cmc alloyCMC alloy process(copper molybdenum copper alloy) - rolling cladding as follow:

Rolling cladding is a method using a large amount of reduction, so that 2 or more layers of metal or alloy is deformed, relying on metal bond between atoms are attracted to each group element layers together closely preparaed of a composite material, the method is currently the most mature, the most widely used Cu/Mo/Cu composites technologies.

U.S. Amax companies and Climax SpecialtyMetals companies use hot composite technology, successfully produced a variety of sizes, local or full-coated CMC alloy (Cu/Mo/Cu) multilayer composite materials, and applied for a patent. And molybdenum-copper alloy, copper alloy powder metallurgy tungsten particles produced enhanced electronic packaging materials, the production of flat rolled composite multi-layer composite electronic packaging materials high thermal efficiency, low cost, and can produce large size packaging materials to achieve large-scale production.

U.S. Ploymetallurgical type material in the production of coated behalf of the industry's highest level, the company produces CMC alloy composites in the international arena in the first-class level. CMC alloy products part of their performance in Chart 1.

Chart. CMC Alloy Product Performance

CMC alloy
Layer Thickness Ratio
Plane Direction Thermal Expansion Coefficient/ (10-6/K) Thickness Direction Thermal Expansion Coefficient/(10-6/K) Plane Sirection Thermal Conductivity/(W /m·K) Thickness Direction Thermal Conductivity/(W /m·K)
1∶1∶1 9. 340 10. 0 13. 0 306 245
1∶2∶1 9. 550 8. 3 11. 0 267 208
1∶6∶1 9. 986 6. 5 8. 2 207 170

Japan A.L.M.T company will molybdenum copper alloy rolled into a strip, with its CMC alloy acts as an intermediate layer, the use of hot-rolled prepared a Cu/Mo/Cu planar composite electronic packaging materials. As molybdenum-copper alloy of copper was filled in the network between the molybdenum skeleton-like distribution, making the product in a planar direction and a thickness direction of the electrical and thermal conductivity than the same thickness ratio of Cu/Mo/Cu better.

Mo-Cu layer and the middle due to copper added, showed a more excellent processing performance. Plansee, Austria produced Cu/Mo-30Cu/Cu (1:4:1) 3 layered composite material has a density of 9. 5 g/cm3, the thermal conductivity of the planar direction ≥ 260W/m · K, the thermal expansion coefficient of 4.0 × 10-6 ~ 10.0 × 10-6/K, these properties are listed in table 1, even better than the layer thickness ratio of 1:2:1 Cu/Mo/Cu composite material is more excellent.

Rolling cladding technology and equipment is more mature, high yield, greatly reduce production costs, but also easy to implement large-scale industrial production, is a great potential for development of composite material technology. But rolling composite one-time investment, it is not conducive to small batch production.

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