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Molybdenum Chromium Alloy Carbon Steel

Molybdenum chromium alloy carbon steel layer laser phase organizational characteristics are as follows:

1.Molybdenum chromium alloy layers are mainly cellular dendrite morphology, which is from the pool and the substrate and the solidified alloy layer begins at the junction of nucleation and growth, grew up along the direction of heat flow in the opposite direction approximation, and there is significant preferred orientation, the center of the bath, due to the larger undercooling components, such as a small amount of uranium crystal formation.

2.Molybdenum chromium alloy layer and the substrate is a combination of cellular and grain within the grain boundary alloying elements corresponding to each of the base diffusion region to achieve metallurgical bonding, the binding layer having the same composition as the alloy segregation properties.

3.Cr-Mo alloy layer is composed of martensite phase, ferrite, residual austenite and carbides MO2C.

molybdenum chromium alloy

4.Macro chromium molybdenum alloy layer has a uniform composition distribution. Alloy layer with the content of alloying elements is increased first increase scanning speed (V <12mm/s) and then decreased (V> 12mm/s). At the same scan rate, the coating thickness increases, the alloy layer containing the alloying elements increases.

5.Chromium molybdenum alloy of the laser treatment in the rapid melting, solidification, resulting in a solid solution alloying elements in solid solution in a large, reducing the martensitic transformation temperature, increasing the stability of the austenite, resulting in a memory alloy layer the more residual austenite. alloy layer with the residual austenite content scanning speed increases.

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