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How to Order MHC Alloy

MHC alloy is  also called MHC molybdenum base alloy, molybdenum alloy MHC, molybdenum MHC, molybdenum high temperature MHC, molybdenum-hafnium-carbide.

Molybdenum hafnium carbide (MHC) alloy is a particle-reinforced molybdenum alloy which contains hafnium and carbon. The carbon is uniformly distributed along the alloys structure giving it excellent heat and creep resistant properties at elevated temperatures of 1550°C (2822°F). This alloy is able to function under extreme mechanical and thermal loads.

This alloy is manufactured by the process of powder metallurgy. Some of the advantages that this alloy offers are dimensional stability, optimum non-deformability, high thermal stability, no cold brittleness, good hot ductility and very high crystallization temperatures.

This datasheet will look into the chemical composition, properties and applications of MHC alloy.

MHC Alloy Chemical Composition:

Element Content (%) Order
Molybdenum, Mo ≥98.43
Hafnium, Hf 0.80-1.4
Carbon, C 0.050-0.15
Iron, Fe ≤0.010
Nickel, Ni ≤0.0050
Silicon, Si ≤0.0050


MHC Alloy Mechanical Properties:

Properties Metric Imperial Order
Tensile strength(mid-radius) ≥689 MPa ≥100 ksi
Yield strength(mid-radius) ≥586 MPa ≥85 ksi
Elongation at Break (mid-radius) ≥3% ≥3%
Hardness, Vickers ≤34 ≤34


MHC Alloy Machinability:
MHC alloy is best suited for machining processes such as drilling, lathing and grinding.

MHC Alloy Applications:
1. MHC alloy is used in the following applications:
2. Metal forming – making extrusion dies,
3. Extrusion of copper and copper alloys
4. Molten metal processing.

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