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Molybdenum Uranium Powder Process

Molybdenum Uranium Powder Process As Fllows:molybdenum uranium alloy

1 cleaning before activation

The nitric acid and hydrochloric acid in accordance with the ratio of 1:3 aqueous preparation of the king, the king of molybdenum uranium alloys are placed in an aqueous solution, until the original uranium molybdenum alloyis silvery gray and black;

Uranium alloys, molybdenum out successively with distilled water, ethanol, anhydrous ether for cleaning;

In argon atmosphere, cleaned uranium molybdenum alloy is transferred to the reactor;

Two molybdenum uranium alloy activation pretreatment

Reactor was evacuated to 50Pa, then heated to 250 ℃, pulls out to a vacuum and maintained 4Pa 30min;

The heated molybdenum uranium alloy and heating was continued to 650 ℃, continue to 4Pa evacuated and maintained 1h, cooled to room temperature;

Three molybdenum uranium powder preparation

The pressure 0.2MPa ~ 1.0MPa with pure hydrogen gas into the step 2) of uranium molybdenum alloy pre-treated in a reactor;

Settings depending on the reaction pressure sensor value change to get the amount of molybdenum uranium alloy hydrogen, molybdenum uranium alloy according to the desired particle size requirements, determine the uranium-molybdenum alloy hydrogen absorption cycles.

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