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ZHMR Performance Test Methods

ZHMR Alloy(Zirconium Hafnium Molybdenum Rare Earth Alloy) Performance Test Methods As Follows:zhmr alloy

① Room and high temperature tensile test

Non-standard tensile specimen (Ø3 × 60mm), in CJS5 vacuum instantaneous tensile test machine at the face experiment process to ensure the vacuum of not less than 5 × 10-2Pa, sample holding time of 5min.

② Scanning

Alloy microstructure on ZHMR alloy surface (light corrosion) scanning analysis, with the spectrometer on the tensile dimples second phase particles in semi-quantitative analysis.

③ Transmission Analysis

H-800 transmission electron microscope with a metal thin film morphology structure analysis samples, voltage of 150kV.

④ Phase analysis

Physical and chemical methods using electrolytic extraction of molybdenum alloys second phase, the phase will be taken to make X-ray diffraction analysis phase composition set

⑤ Auger analysis

Scanning Auger with PHI595 significant emblem of the probe, the grain boundaries of the alloy element analysis for analysis.

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