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Molybdenum Titanium Alloy

What Is Molybdenum Titanium Alloy?

molybdenum titanium alloy English name:titanium molybdenum alloy, molybdenum is the same as the matrix elements of alloying elements titanium, carbon composition of the alloy. Representative grades are Mo-0.5Ti alloys, namely titanium containing 0.40% ~ 0.55% (mass fraction) of carbon 0.01% to 0.04% (mass fraction) of molybdenum alloys.

Molybdenum alloy of molybdenum and titanium alloy composed of, most notably for the Mo-0.5Ti alloy. Most of the molybdenum alloy by powder mixing, pressing, sintering alloy ingots, reprocessing timber. The process is simple, high yield.

Titanium molybdenum alloy material has a higher temperature than pure molybdenum recrystallization temperature strength and improve the performance and life. Primarily as an alternative to pure molybdenum as a high temperature furnace heating elements and components, tube stent, the gate and the aerospace industry in the high-temperature structural components.

Titanium molybdenum alloy material can implement pressure processing and chip processing, welding and casting can be, less allowance so molybdenum alloy in fine organic synthesis (spices, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fine chemicals, etc.) is a widely application of corrosion-resistant materials.

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