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MHC(Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon)

What Is MHC alloy (Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon)?

MYC alloy (composite strengthening molybdenum alloy) was added molybdenum metal base body 2 different rare earth oxides Y2O3 and CeO2, its dosage Y2O3/CeO2 (≤ 0.6%) of the binary complex of rare earth oxide dispersion strengthened molybdenum alloy , referred to as MYC alloys.

MYC alloy wire (composite strengthening molybdenum alloy wire) Preparation

First, the solution to obtain high purity ammonium MoO3 roasted at 550 ℃ for reduction of high-purity hydrogen MoO2, then spray a liquid way Y2O3/CeO2 evenly mixed nitrate solution added MoO2, and in the 1 050 ℃ ~ 1 100 ℃ continuous reduction with hydrogen reduction furnace MYC doped alloy powder.

Cold isostatic pressing and were used to obtain molded compacts, compacts at 1 750 ℃ ​​~ 1 850 ℃ medium frequency induction furnace sintering get φ14.5 mm × 600 mm or 14.5 mm × 14.5 mm × 600 mm of MYC alloy rods , followed by a spin forging, stretching processed into φ1.0 mm of MYC alloy wire.

molybdenum alloy

MYC Alloys relationship with the annealing temperature

MYC alloy and pure molybdenum wire tensile strength of less than 1100 ℃ annealing, the strength remained unchanged, but in the above 1 200 ℃ annealed with the annealing temperature increase strength tends to decrease, but the strength of the alloy wire has MYC higher than pure molybdenum wire strength;

MYC alloys and pure molybdenum wire 90 ° bending frequency variation with annealing temperature and tensile strength similar; But MYC alloys and pure molybdenum wire elongation with annealing temperature showed a different trend that MYC alloy wire elongation at less than 1 200 ℃ when the basic does not change, then increase with increasing annealing temperature increases until 1900 ℃ have not yet seen a downward trend, while the elongation of pure molybdenum wire is first increased with increasing annealing temperature, after beginning at 1 000 ℃ lower annealing molybdenum wire with common characteristic curve exactly the same, when the annealing temperature is higher than 1 800 ℃ when, MYC alloy wire elongation than pure molybdenum wire.

MYC alloy and molybdenum metal in the process, with the result produced MYC hardening alloy wire and pure molybdenum wire hardness, strength, add Y2O3/CeO2 dispersion strengthened composite rare earth generates two mechanisms are controlled from the presence of dispersion strengthening phase to "relay enhanced" role. With increasing annealing temperature, MYC alloy wire strength decreased, but always higher than pure molybdenum wire, while its elongation has increased after annealing at 1 800 ℃ elongation than pure molybdenum wire.

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